House of Grace

Welcome.  We are very excited that
you're interested in learning more
about our home for yourself or for
your loved one. 

The House of Grace, licensed by
the State's Department of Health &
Hospitals, is an 8-bed Personal Care
Home that provides residential and personalized support services to older adults, the frail elderly, and those who need assistance with activities of daily living, but who do not need skilled medical care

At the core of our mission is the belief that seniors should not have to give up the comfort, privacy and independence of a home-like setting for a large nursing or assisted living facility.  Instead, the House of Grace pledges to provide basic support, security and personal care in a warm residential environment while fostering independence, dignity and peace of mind for both resident and family. 

Personal Care Homes are a relatively recent development in senior care.  The idea is to offer an alternative to more institutional settings, such as nursing homes and traditionally large assisted living facilities.  By design, Personal Care Homes, are limited to having no more than eight residents.  This size is perfect for assuring individualized care and support, as well as promoting independence, dignity and communal interaction.  Research has shown that smaller residences have been found to have a number of positive benefits, such as higher motor functioning; greater friendship formation; less anxienty, sadness, and depression; more positive activity involvement; and greater mobility.

House of Grace
32956 LA Hwy 16
Denham Springs LA 70706-0962
(225) 271.4445

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